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So I spent most of November writing or trying to write or talking about writing or occasionally sleeping.

I did not write a novel like some do but I did generate more content for my absurdly lengthy memoir which already needs to be in three volumes.

Should never have read Proust for my exams.

Um, I'm reading Sunday at the Small Press Distribution Open House in Berkeley, sometime around 2pm or shortly thereafter. It's not the release party, which is looking less and less likely anyway, but it is something. I am hoping to campaign for a few other somethings when I can get my head sufficiently clear to be able to do the things that everyone else seems to do instinctively.

But this one is this Sunday. I do not know where SPD actually is but I plan on looking at a map and deciding whether to try to catch a bus or walk and take lots of dry clothes to change into when I get there.

That's all I really have to say right now. I am stressing about completely unrelated things so maybe another post for that.

Come listen to me read! And watch as the words actually leave my mouth and pummel your eardrums!

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